No Landline for Fax

I don’t have a home phone line, only a cell phone. Can I still fax?

Yep! You don’t need a fax machine to send faxes anymore. Internet and mobile faxing are easy and efficient options these days.

Since you don’t mention how often you send and receive faxes, I recommend you check out online fax guides to figure out what your best service package would be. There are some that offer monthly services, some that do send-only options, and some that charge you per fax. Make sure you choose a service that has a mobile option if you’re primarily using your smart phone. Some internet faxing sites don’t translate well onto phones.

If you’re only looking to fax every now and then, though, and you don’t need to receive faxes, I recommend using my internet fax solution, FaxZero. lets you send up to three pages plus a cover sheet on your computer or phone. While these days that covers a lot of individual needs, for larger faxes you can pay just $1.99 for 25 pages plus a cover sheet. Make your own, or use one of the dozens of fax cover sheets available at

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