Choosing a Replacement for Free eFax

The following won’t surprise you… I’ve been marching along enjoying eFax. Like a fool I thought it would last forever. Today eFax sent me a suspension warning. “You have received more that 20 faxes this month. You are BAD! As punishment, we will now charge you $12.00 a month, or snatch your fax number!” In truth, they have every right to do this – I just don’t like how they did it. A warning would have been nice. Nonetheless, I can tolerate losing them: change a few business cards, change the blurb that accompanies my emails. I receive gosh-darned few faxes a year. I never send a fax. I don’t need a local number. Any suggestions? Of course, that is what your fax comparison chart is for…

Sorry to hear about your trouble with the free eFax service. The heavy-handed way they enforce the 20-faxes-per-month maximum can indeed come as an unpleasant surprise. You might want to consider upgrading to the eFax Plus service — it’s quite good. Then again, I can understand if you don’t want to use that service, simply because of their upgrade-or-else tactics.

But you answered your own question: use the comparison chart to find a cheap replacement that meets you needs. Let’s see: receive faxes only, 50 pages per month just to be on the safe side, no 800 number needed — there are several fax services that can do that for $4-$8 per month. Good luck.