How To Receive Faxes and Voice Messages in E-Mail?

Kevin, Thanks for your information. I am in and out of the country to Mexico a lot and would like to not only get my faxes via e-mail/Internet, but also my phone messages. Anyway you are framiliar to combine all this?

Absolutely. Several Internet fax service providers also accept voicemail messages on the same phone number. When someone leaves you a voicemail message, it is converted to an audio file and sent to your e-mail box. (Or, depending on the service, an alert about the incoming message is sent to your e-mail box: you log into the provider’s web site to listen to the message.

To find a service with the features and price you need, go to and be sure to select “Yes” for the “I want a service that receives voicemail messages in addition to faxes” option.