Do I Need Another Phone Line to Send Faxes?

I have a high-speed cable Internet connection. I want to be able to fax prospective customers. Can I do this by just installing a fax modem and using one of those freeware fax-programs or do I need another phone line?

If you want to use a fax modem to send faxes, you’ll need a phone line to do it (as well as software on your PC). That doesn’t necessarily mean you need another phone line: if you’ll only be sending faxes occasionally, plug the fax modem into your voice phone line when needed. But if you want to send a ton of faxes often, you’ll probably want a second phone line instead of tying up the voice line all day. Or, skip the fax modem and extra phone line and use an Internet faxing service.

One more thing: chances are you don’t need to install a fax modem — the vast majority of PCs built in the past five years include one on the motherboard. You’ll find its phone jack on the back of the PC with all the other cable ports.