Erasing Windows Fax Console Files

I use Fax Console in Windows XP to send & receive my faxes, and occasionally I have need to send personal information in a fax that I later want, not just to delete, but to overwrite to erase the information off my hard drive. I have a program called Eraser that will do that by letting me drag the files or files to the Eraser program to be overwritten. Problem is, Fax Console won’t let me “drag” the fax to my Eraser program. How can I accomplish what I want to?

You’re right: It’s quite possible to use Eraser to permanently delete/overwrite fax files, and it’s a smart step to take with sensitive personal or business information. You just need to navigate a little further on your computer’s hard drive to see where Fax Console is “hiding” your sent faxes.

You will find your sent faxes here:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows

Once you see them there, you can drag them into Eraser or the Recycle Bin. (Just open the Sent Items folder and slide them over.)

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