iPhone vs. Fax Machine: The Battle Continues

I have read your response (from awhile ago, I gather), called “Can I connect my iPhone to my fax machine?”, but wonder if now there is some means of hooking my iPhone to my Brother all-in-one and using the iPhone in place of the land line phone the Brother intends for its faxing.

It can’t be done.

Really. I know it’s been awhile since I wrote about iPhone faxing, and now the iPhone 4 is out. So I tried to get creative, coming up with a solution involving the obscure (iPhone TTY Adapter cable) or some sort of acoustic coupler — none of it is worth trying. There are now some iPhone faxing apps (check out iFax and iFax Pro) but that would take the Brother fax machine out of the picture.

If you’re really married to using that fax machine and you have broadband, try getting a MagicJack for faxing: hook the fax machine to that — it’ll think it’s a plain old phone line. Not guaranteed, but it’s a cheap solution and it could work.

Otherwise, get an electronic faxing service (check out FaxPrices.com for an unbiased comparison) and step away from the Brother, brother.

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