Fax Paper

It’s time for me to restock my fax machine’s fax paper, but it is getting harder and harder to find paper for my older fax machine. I’m happy with my fax machine, except for the fact that the paper isn’t as easy to find as it used to be. What do you recommend?

It sounds like you’re using a fax machine that uses paper rolls instead of plain paper. Now, I’m not one to push people into needless hardware upgrades, but there are some compelling reasons to get yourself a plain paper fax machine now. First of all, the paper isn’t hard to find: you can feed a plain paper fax machine whatever cheap office/copier paper that you’ve got around, and it will work happily.

Secondly, plain paper doesn’t curl: you don’t have to deal with that annoying fax paper that tends to roll up and then roll away, trying to escape from your desk. Plain paper fax machines don’t cost much: you can get a new one for $50 to $100, depending on features. (I’ve seen deals for plain paper fax machines for as little as $30.)

OK, so if I haven’t convinced you and you want to stick with your paper roll fax machine, that’s fine too. If your local office supply store doesn’t have the type of fax paper roll that you need, there are plenty of places where you can find them online, including Amazon.com, OfficeDepot.com, and Staples.com. When ordering online, just make sure that you choose the paper that’s compatible with your particular fax machine model. As you probably know, there are many different types of fax paper: the differences include the amount of paper on the roll and the diameter of the cardboard “core” that the paper is rolled around. When you do find paper that’s compatible with your fax machine, buy a little extra so you won’t have to go through the search for paper again so soon.

Happy faxing!

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