Faxing with Packet 8

I would like to fax without using my fax machine; fax through my PC. Is this possible with VoIP? I’m currently using Packet8.

While faxing over VoIP can be a little “buggy” at times, many people have success with it. Packet8 is like MagicJack. You can hook your fax machine to Packet8 and try to send faxes. It might work. Some users have had success by lowering the baud rate of their fax machine’s modem to 9600.

Packet8’s parent company, 8×8, also markets a T.38 protocol “Freedom Fax” or “Fax Extension” service that works with most fax machines. It costs an additional $14.99 per month (and up) for one dedicated fax line, plus activation and (for business customers) equipment fees. While this would be the more costly option, it’s the one Packet8 recommends for reliable faxing.

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