Faxing Without a Land Line

We are not able to get a landline this year, but we do have cell phones and high-speed Internet. Is it possible to get a fax line through these? We need a fax, as we are starting a business. We’re just not sure if it’s possible without a landline.

Congratulations on your new business! You don’t even need a phone at all, if you are willing to make the transition to email-based faxing. Internet fax is becoming the standard for many businesses and individuals who fax.

There are many fax-to-email services to choose from, at a variety of price points. Try the fax comparison tool to find one that matches your business needs. Just tell the tool whether you need to send, receive, or both; how much faxing you plan to do; and whether you need special features such as toll-free service or voicemail.

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