Line Error

Line error.

First, off, thanks for getting straight to the point. (The reader’s question, in its entirety, is “line error”, but I think that sums it up nicely.)

Getting a line error notification while sending or receiving a fax is annoying, but it many cases it’s a simple problem to fix. You may need to haul out your machine’s user manual to do it most efficiently, though.

The line error needs to be “cleared.” If the instructions in your manual don’t work, or you can’t find the manual, try unplugging the fax machine at the power outlet. Don’t plug it back in right away – wait a minute or so.

It’s also quite possible, if you’re getting a line error or “comm” (communication) error, that there’s something wrong with your telephone line. Use your regular phone to test for that. It could be the cord, the jack, “line noise,” the need to dial a special number to get an outside phone line, a VoIP issue (if you have that type of service), or any number of things.

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