Faxing Your Reps in the House and Senate

My Senator’s phone line is always busy and I’m not sure that the staff even checks the email. Should I try sending a fax?

Yes! I may be biased, but I’m convinced that faxing is a great way to get in touch with elected officials, especially when phone lines are busy, or, in some cases, when reps decide to let calls go unanswered rather than hear constituents’ voices on controversial issues. Many offices maintain physical fax machines, so your message will print out and be handled by a real, live person.

My site FaxZero lets users in the U.S. fax senators and members of the House of Representatives free, up to five faxes per day. The fax numbers are pre-filled and it’s easy to locate your rep by state and district. Recently, I added a fax governors feature as well as the ability to instantly fax the U.S. Attorney General’s office.

Visit FaxZero to learn more about online faxing and to read tips on how best to make your voice heard in a fax to elected officials. For example, it’s important to focus your attention on your own representatives, identify yourself as a constituent, and be specific, concise, and polite.

Do you have a question about faxing? Send me your fax question.