Sending a Fax without Revealing Your Number

When you fax something to someone can the person receiving the fax know where the fax is being faxed from? For example, I am sending a fax that was supposed to be faxed from Arizona to Wisconsin but it is actually being faxed from Wisconsin to Wisconsin.

I’m not in a position to advise you on the ethics of pretending your fax originated somewhere it didn’t, but that’s not what you asked, so here’s what I do know.

If you send a fax via a traditional standalone fax machine, whether at an office, home or business center (such as FedEx Office), the 10-digit fax number it’s sent from will almost certainly display on the top of the fax and/or via the recipient’s caller ID service. It’s just like a phone number.

However, if you use an online faxing service to send, your fax will be routed through that site’s servers and the recipient won’t know from what state the fax originated at all. This also means that you can’t make the fax appear to have come from a specific state.

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