How do I set up my fax machine to automatically reply to received faxes?

I have been trying to find somebody who can explain to me how to send an automatic acknowledgment for every incoming fax. I don’t think our Canon Laser Class 700 fax machines can do this by default. Do you know something I could buy that uses caller ID (like the HP test site) to return a reply to an incoming fax?

Auto-reply is a handy way to assure senders that their fax was received, and saves businesses from fielding calls of “did you get my fax?”

Unfortunately, a look at your fax machine’s user guide as well as a call to Canon tech support confirmed that automatic fax back is not a function built into your machine.

The system HP uses to confirm that a fax machine is working correctly involves a fax server, the cost and setup of which is probably beyond the reach of most home and small business consumers. According to vendor/consultant Snapflow, the process typically involves having the sender program his or her fax number into the fax machine’s station ID (CSID). Then, on the receiving end, that code is parsed and matched with a fax “mailbox” associated with the needed reply. (If the reply function is used to send along marketing materials, the business must apply with all “junk fax” laws.)

I’m afraid that, absent access to a fax server, reply or confirmation faxes will have to be sent manually.

If you do have a server and someone on staff with the technical savvy to do so, it’s possible to insert an auto-reply script (or alter the fax received script to add a sendfax command) so it will automatically send a specific response to senders when caller ID is enabled. However, this may be dependent upon fax machine users on the sending end having programmed their number into the CSID.

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