How to Download a Free Fax Cover Sheet

I want to print a FREE cover fax sheet. How do you do this?

Downloading a free fax cover sheet is easy-peasy-lemon-squeasy. First, point your web browser to the Free Fax Cover Sheets web site. You’ll see a list of the 10 most popular cover sheets. Find one that suits you and click it. (The “basic” sheet is far and away the most popular.)

Next, you’ll see a close-up of the sheet. Notice that the site says “Download this cover sheet in…” followed by one or two buttons. Some sheets are available in Microsoft Word .DOC format, some are in both Word and PDF (Adobe Acrobat) formats. If you don’t have Word, choose a PDF sheet. You probably already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If not, you can download it for free here.

Click the checkbox next to “I accept the Terms of Use”, then click the download button. The cover sheet is on its way to your computer. If your computer asks where to save it, save it to the desktop. (It will be easier to find later.) When the download is through, locate the file on your desktop (or wherever you saved it) and double-click it. If you chose a Word file, you can type in your company name and other info to customize it, then print it. If it’s a PDF, no customization is needed: just print.

Your new fax cover sheet is ready.

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