Taking Fax Broadcasting In-House?

I was wondering if you could provide me with some guidance related to fax broadcasting. I work for a medical supply company and we currently do a broadcast fax once a month to our customer list of about 3,300 companies. We use an outside source to do this for us and it is quite costly. I would like to bring the process in house and was wondering what I need to make this happen.

It’s impossible to say for sure without knowing the specifics of your business, but chances are that taking fax broadcasting in-house won’t amount to the cost savings you’re hoping for. To do this, you’ll need a PC with a number of fax cards, an equal number of phone lines, the software to control that hardware — plus someone who knows how to keep it all fine-tuned.

And for all that work, you’ll probably find that fax delivery from your PC takes considerably more time than when you use an outsourced broadcasting service. An outsourced company might have 50, 100, or more outgoing phone lines available to you, meaning your fax can be delivered to 3,300 companies within a few hours. If you did it yourself with 3 or 5 … or even 10 … lines, the PC would still be sending out faxes days later.

Your best option is probably to outsource to a less expensive fax broadcasting company. Start by getting a bid from Protus to see what they can do compared to your current provider. Also, just searching Google for “fax broadcast” will serve up dozens of companies vying for your business.

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