How to get a fax report

Can I see what faxes have been sent on my fax machine?

Fax machines differ in how they approach print reports, but most of them have some variation of it. You’ll want to start in the “Home” menu page on your fax machine.

Go to “Settings” or “Set-up” or the variation thereof.

Choose “Print Report” or “Fax Log.” You may have several choices when it comes to the report you want to print. If you only want basic information such as sender and recipient or date and time, the report will be called something like “Fax Activity.” There may also be reports on faxes saved to memory, failed faxes, and errors.

Make sure you have 8.5 x 11″ paper in the paper tray, choose “Print,” and press either “Okay” or “Start,” and the machine will print out a copy of your report.

Different fax machines have different ways of storing faxes. Some will store up to 50 (or 100, or 200), and once you exceed that number it will start to delete them, starting with the oldest. Some fax machines will remember transmissions for a month (or two, or three). On some models, you can set your printer to print an activity report at certain intervals, which is helpful if you run a business and want regular reports.

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