How to change fax header

Our business has a standard fax header, but I’d like to temporarily change it to a personal message.

Obviously this is going to depend on what fax machine you’re using, but I can give you some general steps that should get you where you need to go.

Start by going to the “Home” menu on your fax machine. Find “Settings,” “Set-up,” “Options,” or “Functions.”

The Settings section should have an option such as “Transmission Options” or “Communication Options.” If there are multiple choice, make sure that you’re looking at the options for outgoing faxes and not incoming faxes.

Find a section called “Fax Headers” and then enter in your personal message. Save the changes and send your fax!

Don’t forget to change the message back to the business standard when you’re done. Otherwise, everyone else’s faxes will share your personal message.

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