How to Reprint a Fax After a Paper Jam

I have an HP OfficeJet 6110xi fax machine, on which I recently received fax. It was received OK but during the printing cycle, I had a paper jam and once it was cleared, there seemed to be no way to resume the printing. Is there a way and if so, how?

HP OfficeJet fax machines can store a limited number of fax pages in their memories, with the number of pages depending on the model. If the machine runs out of paper or has a jam, it will store the incoming fax in memory until you print it. To print faxes stored in memory, press Menu, 2, and then 3. This selects the Reprint Faxes in Memory option.

If the machine thinks that it successfully printed the faxes in the first place (that is, it didn’t notice the jam) it may not have saved the incoming fax to its memory, so there may be nothing to print. Then again, there might, so it’s worth using the Reprint function to find out.