Internet Fax Service in My Area Code?

Loved your fax page; learned a lot. One question: I’m trying to find an online fax service that can give me a number in area 502. Checked out several of the services on your fax page, but no luck. Is there a way to search your site for the area codes (or do you have any other suggestions)?

I don’t have a list of which Internet fax services have numbers in which area codes. The list would be difficult to create, and just about impossible to keep up-to-date, as fax services add new coverage areas frequently. My suggestion for you is to choose a service that gives you a toll-free number: that way, it will be a free call for both locals in your area code as well as everyone else. Services with a toll-free number for incoming faxes don’t cost just pennies for than those without. The only time you’ll see a significant price difference is if you receive hundreds or thousands of fax pages per month.

I searched for a service that would let you
send 50 pages and receive 100 pages per month, with a toll-free number
: prices hover around $9-$13.