I keep getting an error message on my Canon Pixma fax machine. Can you help?

I have a Canon Pixma mp530. I am unable to send any faxes. I keep getting an error report that says “TX CANCELLED: RX FAX INFO MISMATCH.” I can receive faxes but I’m unable to send any. Do you know a fix for this?

You’ve stumbled on a problem that many Canon users experience! Luckily, the answer is fairly straightforward. This problem can usually be fixed one of two ways:

First, the problem might be the transmission speed. Some people find that turning down the transmission speed resolves this problem. However, that doesn’t seem to work all the time.

Your second option is to turn “Check RX Fax Settings” off. You can do this with the following menu sequence: Settings>Device Settings>Fax Settings>Transmission Settings>Check RX Fax Information>OFF. Sometimes this setting is hidden towards the bottom of the menu and may require scrolling to see. You may also have a slightly different menu sequence depending on the model of your machine.

Now, let’s decode that error message. The basic problem you’re encountering is that your fax machine is checking with the receiving fax machine and deciding it shouldn’t send the fax. (The “RX” of the error message refers to “receiving” and the “TX” is for “transmit,” by the way.) By telling your machine not to check the RX Fax Information, there’s no way it can be a mismatch. So, that’s why this solution works.

Whenever you have an error message like this, understanding what the message itself means can be a real help when trying to solve the problem. That’s just one reason why you should always hold on to your fax machine’s manual!

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