Internet Fax Number

How do I get an internet fax number?

In order to get an internet fax number, you first have to sign up for a fax service package. A fax service package will offer you various pricing tiers depending on two things: how many faxes you want to send and receive per month, and your fax number. Most packages offer you a unique fax number and then charge you extra for adding dedicated lines to it (if you have multiple employees who need access to the same number).

Many service packages will also have several options for your internet fax number as well: toll-free, local, or vanity. A toll-free is a 1-800 number, which may not suit your needs. A local number will give you an area code in your general region but will not allow you to pick the number itself. A vanity number is your custom request, and obviously will cost more. Some companies will allow you to port in a number if you already have it, and some companies will let you port out your number once you leave their services.

It can be tricky finding the right service for you, but my fax guide,, can help you find the pricing tier you want based on the number of faxes, type of fax number, and porting capabilities you require.

If you only need to send faxes, and don’t need your own fax number, my service can handle that.

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