Is there a way to disable the voicemail on my MagicJack?

Is there a way to disable the voicemail on my MagicJack?

You’re not the first to wonder about this, and apparently MagicJack does not give an obvious solution for disabling its provided voicemail.

Luckily, there are enterprising folks out there on the Internet who are willing to find the answers to problems like this. So, after combing various sites, here’s what I can tell you about disabling voicemail on MagicJack.

First, find the MagicJack folder on your computer. If you’re on a Mac, it’s probably on the hard drive in the “Applications” folder. On a PC, use the search option in the start menu to locate the folder.

In that folder, there will be files named “big.skn” and “small.skn.” Try to delete one of them. If the computer tells you that you cannot delete one of them, try to delete the other one. Either one will do the trick. (Hint: move it to the Trash can but don’t empty it right away – in case things go badly and you need to put that .skn file back where you found it.)

Once the file is deleted, restart the MagicJack by unplugging it from the computer, waiting a full minute, then plugging it back in.

When MagicJack starts up again, click on the “transfer” button, then enter your phone number in the appropriate box.

Check the box that says “on no answer for,” and put “20 seconds” in the box next to it. Click “OK,” which will exit and save.

Restart the MagicJack once again by unplugging it, waiting 60 seconds, then plugging it back in.

Test that this worked by calling your number. It should ring until you pick up the phone.

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