Memory Full Error on HP PSC 2410

I have a HP PSC 2410 All In One fax/printer/copier/scanner. It states that the memory is full. How do I delete the memory so it is not full?

If the Memory Full error message is appearing on the LCD display of your PSC 2410 multifunction fax machine, this means that the machine is out of space for storing faxes. This can hamper both sending and receiving of faxes. Here’s how to clear the fax memory:

If this error occured when you are receiving a fax, unplug the machine, wait ten seconds, then reconnect it. If there were unprinted fax pages in memory, they’re gone — the sender will have to resend the fax. Normally the 2410 manages its memory well, so you shouldn’t have this problem often in a properly functioning machine.

If the error occurs when you are trying to transmit a fax, you can prevent the problem by faxing at a lower resolution — “normal” instead of “fine”, or splitting a many-paged fax into several transmissions of fewer pages each.

On the other hand, if the Memory Full error is appearing on your computer screen when you’re using HP’s bundled software to scan or print, then the issue is with memory on the computer, not the fax machine. In this case, it can help to reboot your computer to free up RAM, scan at a lower resolution, or scan a smaller area of the page.

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