Send and receive a check by fax

I have a late payment that I need to send in ASAP. Can I fax it?

That depends entirely on the business in question. If it’s a big business, it’s pretty likely that they’ll have software that allows them to accept a check by phone, fax, or online payment, but you’ll have to ask before you try it. A lot of businesses prefer this method, since it avoids the whole “The check is in the mail” excuse that can drag transactions out for days.

When you fax in a check, make sure that you do the following: do a clear photocopy fax against a white background (or just a plain white piece of paper). Write “faxed [purpose] check” in the “Memo” line. Before you send, make sure that the routing number and the checking account number are readable. If you copy the check and can’t read the fraction number (xx-xxx) found in the upper right-hand corner, write it somewhere on the fax before you send it.

If you’re a business that would like to accept faxed checks as payments, software options such as CheckWriter are available online for anywhere between $100 and $800.

Do you have a question about faxing? Send me your fax question.Do you have a question about faxing? Send me your fax question.