Faxing a resume or job application

I just found out about a great job, but the deadline is tomorrow. Can I fax in my resume and application, or is that bad form?

Most businesses don’t want unsolicited faxes, but if you’re responding to a job posting that provides a fax number, then absolutely feel free to fax in your resume and application!

There are a few tips for faxing in your application. First of all, make sure that every page in your packet has your name and the page number in the header. Than make sure you have a cover sheet. You’ll need a fax cover sheet that includes your contact information, the nature of the fax, and the number of pages you’ll be faxing. That will be the first page that you’ll fax in your packet. The next page should be the cover letter for your resume. If your resume’s cover letter is brief enough, you can combine the two cover letters into one template, such as a resume fax cover sheet from FreeFaxCoversheets.net.

The resume and application should follow the cover letter(s). Make sure that you choose a black-and-white format. Borders are okay, but make sure they’re not too thick or numerous. Because faxes can get a little blurry or distorted en route, you’ll want to choose a 12-size font or larger and keep some space between lines.

There are even services designed to fax your resume for you, including FaxMyResume.com.

Do you have a question about faxing? Send me your fax question.Do you have a question about faxing? Send me your fax question.