Send Faxes From PC, Receive at Fax Machine

We are a small law office and have a fax machine and a local fax number. I would like to SEND faxes from our individual computers but keep the same phone number and have the incoming faxes go to the fax machine. Can that be done?

Yes — and the “trick” to doing this is very simple. First, set up the fax machine for incoming faxes and know the phone number that it’s connected to. Now, on each of your computers that you send faxes from, set the “My Fax Number” setting to the fax number of your “incoming” fax machine. The PCs won’t know or care that they’re not really sending faxes from that fax number — they’ll send the faxes as usual, and your recipients will see the number of your incoming fax machine on the cover pages and page headers.

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