Sent Fax To Wrong Number

I sent a fax with personal information on it to to an unintended number. Is there a way for me to find out where exactly this fax is located? I know the area code is New York City.

Ouch! I don’t know of a reliable way to find out who owns a fax number. I would start by Googling that number on the chance that it’s listed on some company’s web site. Next, I’d try using the services listed in this answer about reverse phone number lookups. With those services, you can enter a phone number and may find out who it belongs to.

You’ll probably never know who ended up with your personal information. Hopefully, they realized that the information wasn’t for them and shredded the errant fax. Of course, that’s the best scenario — in the wrong hands, your personal info could be a jumping off point for identity theft and other badness. Remember to get your free annual credit report from the big three credit reporting agencies to make sure nothing untoward is happening on your credit report.

And dial carefully!

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