Sending Errors

How do I check for sending errors on my end?

You have two options on this front, and both of them are going to be found in the “Print Report” or “Fax Report” menu in your fax machine. You should be able to find it in your “Fax Settings” menu. Within that system, you’ll find a “Fax Log,” which lists all the important data from both inbound and outbound faxes: date, time, number of pages, duration, fax number, and success or failure. You can look at all the faxes you’ve sent or received and see which ones were successful.

If you’d like to make sure that each fax is successful as soon as you send it, you can set your “Print Report” or “Fax Report” to print a confirmation page once the fax is sent successfully. You can usually set this feature to “On,” “Off,” or “For Error Only.” “For Error Only” will only let you know if a fax has FAILED to send, not if it’s successful.

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