Sending multi-page faxes

I need to fax a 20-page report to my boss, but every time I send a page it thinks I’m done transmitting and prints out a confirmation page. How can I make this go faster?

Well, you have two easy options, and both have their merits. If you have digital versions of these files, you can send them all at once, as a multi-page fax, using FaxZero or another online faxing service. FaxZero allows you to fax up to 25 pages, plus a cover sheet, for only $1.99. It doesn’t require a fax machine and it’s very quick.

If you’d like to fax the physical copies you have printed out, you should be fine provided that your fax machine has a document feeder on the top. Most fax machines made after the year 2000 have them. What you’ll want to do is make sure that you have your pages arranged in a stack, face up, in the correct order. Then put a fax cover sheet on top with the pertinent information and the number of pages in the fax (so the recipient knows how many to expect).

Once you have your stack arranged, look for a picture icon on or near the document feeder tray. It should show a piece of paper with writing facing up or down. Most document feeders request that you insert the pages face down. Put the pages in all at once, dial the recipient’s number, and press start. The pages will scan and fax one by one, and you’ll get one confirmation page at the end.

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