The Best Times to Fax

What’s the best day and time to fax doctors’ offices?

This is a great question that is relevant for other businesses and social services as well! In order to successfully send a fax to a business, their fax machine needs to be on and set to accept incoming faxes. Most businesses will keep their fax machines on even after business hours, so you can send your information at any time without issue. Just make sure you receive a confirmation page to confirm your fax was accepted.

However, some organizations that deal with sensitive or private information (medical offices, financial or tax services, etc.) will often turn off their fax machine when personnel are not in the building to ensure that confidential information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Therefore, the best time of day to fax your doctor’s office is during normal business hours. You can also call your doctor and set up a time for their staff to be next to the fax machine so that you’re sure your fax reaches them correctly.

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