Faxing from a Laptop

I have a Wi-Fi setup. Do I still need to connect my laptop to a phone line? I have a new laptop and there is no connection port for the phone or for a USB connection on the laptop

If you are looking to fax from your laptop then no, you do not need to connect to a phone line. Fax machines work over phone lines because they were designed for analog networks, but if you’re using Wi-Fi, you’re going to have a different system. My recommendation would be to instead use a fax-over-email service plan (if you send a lot of faxes regularly) or an internet faxing service such as FaxZero.com, which lets you fax up to five free faxes per day.

The way fax-over-email services work is you upload your document (often as a PDF or DOC file) and send it to the fax number of your choice. The service will convert the file and send it so that it can be received by a fax machine, or another fax-over-email service. It can all be done over Wi-Fi from your laptop, and you don’t need a fax machine to do it!

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