What does ECM stand for?

My fax machine has an option called ECM, but turning it on just makes my fax machine work slower. What is it?

ECM stands for Error Correction Mode, and it’s an option that can be enabled or disabled for Class 1/2/2.0 fax machines. The feature doesn’t actually cause your fax machine to run slower. What it does is detect errors when receiving a transmission. If an error occurs, the fax machine will request a resend of the original fax. If there’s a really bad problem, or the fax doesn’t go through, you’ll get an “error” message on your fax machine display.

If you’re experiencing slower fax transmissions, it’s probably because there’s a poor connection or a lot of phone noise on the line. An ECM guarantees a clean, error-free transmission, but if it consistently encounters errors, it can cause a longer wait time.

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