Incoming Fax Line Issues

I can send faxes but I can’t receive due to poor phone line quality. How can I solve this problem?

The simplest way to resolve the issue of not being able to receive faxes due to insufficient phone line quality is to make the move to online faxing. There are many affordable services that allow sending and receiving.

With internet-based faxing, messages can be received by a physical fax machine, but are actually routed through an email system. Once you secure a fax number for yourself, give it out to senders as usual. Then check your email for received fax notifications. Typically, the fax appears as a PDF attachment. If you’re not able to access the internet but have phone data, you should be able view any faxes received via email on your smartphone.

If you’d like to use an existing fax number, that’s called porting and may be available, probably with an added fee.

If you just need to send a fax, my service FaxZero allows up to five free faxes per day of up to three pages each, while more or longer faxes are $1.99 apiece.

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