Fax Log

Where can I view the “Fax Log”? I want to make sure my faxes are in fact going through.

The Fax Log is a list of all incoming and outgoing faxes that have been sent and received through a single device (or software, if you’re using a fax-over-email service). A Fax Log will list the date and time of each transmission as well as whether it was inbound or outbound, the fax number of the recipient or sender, the duration of the faxing process, total number of pages, and whether or not the fax was successful. This is a lot of helpful information, so it’s worth keeping track of. If you have a fax machine or a multi-function printer (MFP), your Fax Log will be in your “Fax Settings” menu. Look for a subcategory called “Report Settings,” “Fax Report,” or “Print Report.” Your Fax Log should be available there.

For people who are using an online service, your Fax Log should be in the control center of your software or in a folder called “Activity Logs” or “Program Data.” Searching the internet for “Fax Log” and the name of your service may give you more specific instructions.

On a final note, if you want to be sure that all of your outbound faxes are successful, you can modify your fax machine’s settings so that it confirms successful outbound faxes with a printed Confirmation Page. Again, this will be found in your “Print Report” or “Report Settings” function. Make sure that “Output” or “Fax Report” is set to “On” instead of “For Error Only”.

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