Faxing to a Landline

My fax was sent to the wrong number. I tried looking up the number and it says it is a landline. Can a fax send to a landline number?

Yes, a fax can be sent to a landline number, because some fax machines share a phone line with a landline telephone. They may be using a splitter or line-sharing device, or the user simply plugs the phone into the phone line jack when they want to use the phone and then switches it to the fax machine jack when they want to accept or send a fax. However, in order for them to receive a fax, their fax machine has to be connected at the time you send a fax to them.

Another setup your potential recipient might have is a Fax/Tel mode, wherein a fax machine that shares a phone line with a telephone uses different rings to signal whether the incoming information is a phone call or a fax. Some of those are automatically set up to receive faxes, while others must be accepted manually, meaning someone needs to be present and standing near the device for it to work..

It’s also possible that you just faxed a phone number that is the sole inhabitant of the phone line. In cases like that, nothing much happens. The phone you faxed might ring, but the person who picks up the phone will simply hear a few beeps that indicate the call is coming from a fax machine before the call is ended on either side. The recipient won’t have access to any of the information in your fax. If you want to find out if your fax went through to the wrong number, you can try calling to see if anyone picks up, and then ask.

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