Faxing With an iPhone

I’ve just moved and am using my iPhone as my only phone. I have a Mac computer and a fax machine. Can I fax without a land line?

The easiest way to fax with your iPhone is by signing up with an email-based fax service. There are even “apps for that,” such as SendFile and iFax. And several email fax services have their own apps for the iPhone. RingCentral Mobile is one.

However, if you wish to use your iPhone with your existing fax machine, that’s not possible at this time, at least to my knowledge. The iPhone does have an internal modem, but it’s not designed to function as a fax modem. Apple is still rolling out the details for the new iPhone 4, and new applications are being developed all the time, so I suppose anything is possible.

I have heard of people tethering their iPhone to their computers and faxing that way, but honestly, unless you have clients who are insisting on old-school fax machines out of real or perceived security concerns, I recommend moving to email-based fax.

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