Using Magic Jack with a DSL Filter to Fax

What about a DSL filer in combination with Magic Jack? Will that work? I have an HP all-in-one 2410xi PhotoSmart and I can’t slow the modem down or change settings.

In its terms of service, Magic Jack, a voice-over IP device, continues to maintain that it does not “officially support” faxing. So, any customers who attempt to use the service to fax cannot expect much in the way of help from the Magic Jack company.

But with that being said, many Magic Jack customers report success using the device in conjunction with a fax machine. Typically, the fax machine is set up between the phone and the Magic Jack unit.

A DSL filter, which “splits” or keeps the DSL and phone (voice) signals from interfering with each other, should not negatively affect your ability to fax. On online forums, some Magic Jack customers report better results with faxing when they plug a DSL filter into the back of their fax machine and plug the Magic Jack into that. But you don’t have to have a DSL filter to use Magic Jack, if your system meets all of the company’s other requirements.

It’s worth a shot. But if you’re not able to get Magic Jack to work with your fax machine, you could always consider an email-based fax service.

Also, you mentioned that you’re not able to adjust your speed settings, but for those who can, here are Magic Jack’s official steps to connecting a fax machine: “1. Turn off error correction on your fax machine or program. 2. Set the fax machine or program to use the slowest speed available. 3. Increase the speed, checking at each speed that faxes work.”

Recently, another FaxAnswers reader asked if there is a dedicated or all-in-one fax machine that “works best” with Magic Jack. I’m afraid I’m not aware of any particular brand that is better than another.

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